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 I started my business when I was 11 years old to help cope with my learning disability and severe anxiety.   I chose "Jammy Girl" as my business name because I like making soap in my studio while in my PJ's (My clean "STUDIO ONLY" PJ's of course, LOL). I do special orders including wedding, anniversary and baby shower favors, as well as other special events. 

I am now 15 years old and I have always known I am adopted and I think it's pretty cool, too. We even have "Happy Adoption Day."  I love that my mom tells my story like a fairy tale... it's my favorite story... one I've heard hundreds of times.  Mommy says, "Your birthmother loved you so much that she knew she did not know how to be a mommy, so she let me be your Mommy. And most don't get to choose their kids, but you were chosen......." "CHOSEN" is the word that always get me tingling all over. I was sooooo adorable, so she CHOSE me! See, that's me in the pic on the date I got to be adopted. I'm "CHOSEN!!!"... That word means so much to me like LOVE, JOY, and HOPE.

Things are not always easy. I have a learning disability and severe anxiety (that means I get nervous a lot)..... so that's how I fell in love with making soap. I love creating. I love things that smell good, and I love being clean. This is when I feel most relaxed. This all started as a hobby. 

 Then I told my mom that I wanted to start my own business. My mother felt the craft should stay a hobby because she did not feel I was ready for a business at 11 years old. So I began to sell my cupcake shaped soaps to my friends without my mother knowing. I know that was not right but I was determined to prove to my mom that I could do it. After I admitted to my mom that my soaps sold out, I asked her again about starting a business. I thought she was to think I was too young still but guess what?!..... She told me that she could now see that I could accomplish anything I wanted with determination and support. (She is my #1 fan!) When she said "YES", I wanted to scream but I had to play it cool, you know.

Thanks to awesome customers like you, my business is off to a good start. Now, I want to inspire others! I want all to know it doesn't matter how you start off in life, you can be whoever or whatever you want to be. I was CHOSEN and now I CHOOSE to be GREAT! CHOOSE to be GREAT, TOO. I LOVE what I do. LOVE what you do, too. I have found JOY in turning what I like to do, into a business. Find what brings you JOY. My goal is to continue to inspire others to be GREAT so they can reach their goals, no matter what! Join me on the ride to GREATNESS. Then spread the HOPE to others.

Thanks for your support!
Jammy Girl
P.S. By the way, #ADOPTIONROCKS!