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Who is Jammy Girl?

An entrepreneur.
A masterpiece creator.
An inspiration.

SOAP AND SOOTHE BY JAMMY GIRL: The brand began February 27, 2015. A soap-making, PJ-wearing, goal-crushing 11-year-old with a learning disability and severe anxiety, wanted an outlet to focus her thoughts and to cope with her challenges. With a creative spark and eye for detail, she knew she had let her imagination flow. And it didn’t stop there! “I fell in love with making soap and adored the process of turning my visions into a sweet-smelling, eye-catching reality.” “I wanted to turn my passion into a business, but at just 11 years old, I wasn’t quite ready for the responsibility. After a firm ‘NO’ from my mom, I took matters into my own hands, with a basket of cupcake-shaped soaps and willpower in tow. The result? An overwhelming success! #CRUSHLIFESOBSTACLESWITHME” “Snapped up by friends almost instantly, I had shown my mom that my determination and ambition weren’t going anywhere.

And with that, she was on board! My biggest fan, my source of encouragement, and my go-to. Her support is the backbone of Soap and Soothe by Jammy Girl.”

“After more than five years of living out my dream, I have had the opportunity to and want to continue to inspire others. Those who perhaps didn’t get off to a great start in life. Those who struggle with the day-to-day. Those who were chosen by their parents!

 After all, my mom says, "Your birth mother loved you so much that she knew she did not know how to be a mommy, so she let me be your Mommy. And most don't get to choose their kids, but you were chosen”. It’s a sentence that will forever make me proud. Some days, I want to shout from the rooftops that #ADOPTIONROCKS, but I’ll do that through Soap and Soothe by Jammy Girl instead.”

 Ultimately, life is what you make it! I choose to not let anything come between me and my goals. It may not always be smooth sailing, but I know that with the right support and my drive to succeed, I can do anything! And guess what? You can too.

 Love always,
 Jammy Girl